HANOREF company was founded and is run by the leading experts of over 20 years of experience in research.

The Hanoref rare manufacturing  Refractory ( General fireclay brick, high alumina bricks, Magnesia bricks, Silica brick, Acid resistant brick, zirconia brick,castable refractory ) Insulating ( Ceramic fiber ,Calcium silicat, insulating firebrick ), ferro alloys (Silic, Mangan ) Quartz (Silica) Sand, Kaolin clay,  Quick Dolomite, Quick lime, Silicon Carbide, Coke ........and other raw material of steel ,Ceramics, Glass,Steel,cement making .

We serve to some of the reputed Frits, Ceramics, Glass,Steel & iron,cement, aluminum industries in Vietnamess and also to some of the renowned  export houses whom we offer excellent quality minerals which leads to highest level of satisfaction.

We are in the field of mineral processing since 20 years and we have trained and dedicated staff for the same with rich experience promising you for the best quality always.